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LED Downlight - Classic Series, 8-Inch 24W Round

LED Downlight - Classic Series, 8-Inch 24W Round

Model: ALD-24F
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5 or more SGD 37.50
20 or more SGD 35.00
50 or more SGD 31.00
Single Unit Package
: L: 24.00cm x W: 24.00cm x H: 10.00cm
Standard Shipping Quantity
: 20 pcs
Standard Shipping Package
: L: 50.00cm x W: 50.00cm x H: 52.50cm
Weight Per Unit
: 1.10 kg


♦24W  LED Downlight (Recessed)
♦Size : Ø230mm (for Ø205~Ø220mm cut-outs)

Round LED downlights are available in 3 sizes. Frosted optic keeps glare to a minimum, while still providing adequate light output. Situable for office, receptions, malls, restroom, and many more application.     

* CCT (Colour Temperature):

* Dimming Optional:

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Quantity :
Total Weight:
1.10 kg
Comparision : A-lite LED VS Traditional
Features and Benefits
♦ Energy Saving - LED lamps need only a fraction of the power consumed by incandescent lamps to produce the same amount of light.
♦ Longer Life - Our LED down lights can last up to 30,000 hours and will not suffer from the burnt filaments that  blacken  traditional light.
♦ Durable - The LED down light is a single assembly with no loose parts, making it highly transportable because of its resistance   to shock and                          vibration.
♦ Less Heat LED lighting generates much less heat than incandescent lighting, allowing for installation in enclosed spaces  and reducing the load                         on air-conditioning.
Photometric Characteristics
No dimmable :    24W ~25W LED Driver                       Dimmable : 0 ~ 10V Dimmable LED Driver                
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  • Excellent Dimming Performance 0 ~ 100%
  • Meet Standards for ETL / Energu Star
  • High Efficiency Low THD
  • Application for 5 Watt ~ 60 Watt LED Lighting
Installation Guide
Dialux Sample Simulations

Lighting simulations using DIALux software, will be able to let you know if the lamps you plan to install are bright enough for your application. With the simulations results, you can see the calculated performance of our lamps and see if it fits your requirements 
and expectations. For more details, please visit the DIALux Simulation section.
Correlated CCT
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