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LED Floodlight, 30W

LED Floodlight, 30W

Model: ALFL-30
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 SGD 90.00
5 or more SGD 85.00
10 or more SGD 80.00
20 or more SGD 75.00
Single Unit Package
: L: 26.00cm x W: 23.60cm x H: 12.40cm
Standard Shipping Quantity
: 20 pcs
Standard Shipping Package
: L: 63.50cm x W: 49.00cm x H: 55.00cm
Weight Per Unit
: 1.71 kg


Our LED flood light need only a fraction of the power consumed by incandescent lamps to produce the same amount of light.They can last up to 50,000 hours and will not suffer from the burnt filaments that blacken traditional lights.

* CCT (Colour Temperature):

* Dimming Optional:


* Warranty:

Quantity :
Total Weight:
1.71 kg
Comparision : A-lite LED VS Traditional
Correlated CCT
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