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LED Spot light - AR 111 15W SCOB (CREE CHIP)

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LED Spot light - AR 111 15W SCOB (CREE CHIP)

Model: ALSL - AR111
Availability: ETD : 7~15 Days
SGD 48.00  SGD 35.00  27% OFF
Single Unit Package
: L: 116.00mm x W: 116.00mm x H: 75.00mm
Standard Shipping Quantity
: 24 pcs
Standard Shipping Package
: L: 366.00mm x W: 250.00mm x H: 90.00mm
Weight Per Unit
: 260.00 g


A true replacement for Halogen AR111 that looks and feel the same. Using SCOB technology, lights are reflected off the parabolic reflector and beam down gracefully protraying an ambients that only halogen AR111 can produce yet consumed only a fraction of the power.


* CCT (Colour Temperature):

* CRI Option(The higher CRI ,the lower Lumens): :

* Lamp Base:

* Dimming Optional:

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* Warranty:

Quantity :
Total Weight:
260.00 g
Photometric Characteristics

Unit Carton Box Package
Correlated CCT
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