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LED Spot light - PAR 38 20W SCOB (CREE CHIP)

IES FILE-PAR 38:PAR user only)

LED spot light-PAR 38.pdf

LED Spot light - PAR 38 20W SCOB (CREE CHIP)

Model: ALSL - PAR38
Availability: ETD : 7~15 Days
SGD 52.00  SGD 39.98  23% OFF
Single Unit Package
: L: 124.00mm x W: 124.00mm x H: 145.00mm
Standard Shipping Quantity
: 8 pcs
Standard Shipping Package
: L: 540.00mm x W: 270.00mm x H: 160.00mm
Weight Per Unit
: 500.00 g


A-Lite LED PAR38 bulbs are suitably designed for spot and general lighting applications in retail and hospitality industries. Built with a E27/E26 base, it fits nicely onto the lamp holder making replacement of the traditional PAR38 a breeze.
* CRI Option(The higher CRI ,the lower Lumens): :

* CCT (Colour Temperature):

* Dimming Optional:

Additional Requests:

* Warranty:

Quantity :
Total Weight:
500.00 g
Photometric Characteristics
Unit Carton Box Package
Correlated CCT
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