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LED TUBE LIGHT - Premium Series T8/T9 20W 4 FEET

LED TUBE LIGHT - Premium Series T8/T9 20W 4 FEET

Model: ALT-20C
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5 or more SGD 22.00
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Single Unit Package
: L: 129.00cm x W: 4.50cm x H: 4.50cm
Standard Shipping Quantity
: 25 pcs
Standard Shipping Package
: L: 131.00cm x W: 22.00cm x H: 22.00cm
Weight Per Unit
: 500.00 g


Efficient & Safe
♦ Wide input voltage with constant current output
♦ Excellent heat dissipation
♦ Glare prevention
* CCT (Colour Temperature):

* Power Input (LED Tube):
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* Warranty:

Quantity :
Total Weight:
500.00 g
Comparision : A-lite LED VS Traditional
Features and Benefits
● Glare prevention - Frosted PC covers allow for at least 85% of the LED light to pass but minimize glare and the blinding effect of looking directly at a strong light source. Transparent and lined PC covers are also available upon request.
● Efficient & safe -The patented isolated LED driver within the tube light uses top grade components from established vendors based in Singapore, such as electrolytic capacitors from Rubycon and power diodes from ON-Semiconductor. This ensures the stability and lifespan of the tube light, which can switch on instantly more than 100,000 times.
 Wide input voltage with constant current output - The unique design of our LED driver allows the tube light to operate at input voltages of AC 85V-265V with a power factor of more than 0.95 and total harmonic distortion of less than 15%.
● Excellent heat dissipation - The specially designed aluminum frame allows for better heat control and provides a strong and rigid structure against breakage. The SMD LEDs are mounted on an aluminum panel to further improve heat management and prolong the life of the LED tube light.
Material Composition

                     A1 : 1214 MM     A2 : 1206 MM     A3 : 1198 MM
                     B1 :     13 MM     D1 :     32 MM     D2 :     29 MM
Photometric Characteristics

                   4 FEET 6000K FROSTED COVER @220V 50/60 HZ            
Installation Guide
Direct Replacement Type LED Tube without LED Starter

CE/SAA Type LED Tube with LED Starter


Ballast Bypass Example for T8/T9 Batten (Direct Replacement Type)

Dialux Sample Simulations

Lighting simulations using DIALux software, will be able to let you know if the lamps you plan to install are bright enough for your application. With the simulations results, you can see the calculated performance of our lamps and see if it fits your requirements and expectations. For more details, please visit the DIALux Simulation section.
Thermal Imagery
Correlated CCT
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