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LED Highbay Light, IP21, 200W (High Flux)

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LED Highbay Light, IP21, 200W (High Flux)

Model: ALLB-200H
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 SGD 500.00
5 or more SGD 360.00
10 or more SGD 320.00
20 or more SGD 280.00
Single Unit Package
: L: 31.00cm x W: 31.00cm x H: 37.00cm
Standard Shipping Quantity
: 1 pcs
Standard Shipping Package
: L: 31.00cm x W: 31.00cm x H: 37.00cm
Weight Per Unit
: 7.11 kg


LED Highbay Light IP21,  200W (High Flux)
Range of reflectors available.

The basic indoor light for high ceilings with IP21 rating. LED high bays with dimming option and slimmer design..
* Light Source:

* CCT (Colour Temperature):

* Dimming Optional:

* Accessories:


* Warranty:

Quantity :
Total Weight:
7.11 kg
Comparision : A-lite LED VS Traditional
Photometric Characteristics

      For 45 Degree PC Reflector                              For 90 Degree Aluminium Reflector                 For 120 Degree Aluminium Reflector​
Dialux Sample Simulations
 For 45 Degree PC Reflector                                                                         For 120 Degree Aluminium Reflector

Lighting simulations using DIALux software, will be able to let you know if the lamps you plan to install are bright enough for your application. With the simulations results, you can see the calculated performance of our lamps and see if it fits your requirements and expectations. For more details, please visit the DIALux Simulation section.
Unit Carton Box Package
Correlated CCT
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